ASUS Z170C Review and Observations – How it has proven itself to me as a great tablet

I’m really excited about the ASUS Z170C, it will come in four vibrant colors so you can choose the color that suits your personality. It’s sleek and stylish, a 7-inch tablet at an incredibly affordable price. These days the best tablets are under $100 and easily purchased online. No more waiting in line on Black Friday.

The ASUS Z170C sets itself apart from its competitors; it’s incredibly light only 265g and it’s only 8.4mm thin.  It has a premium leather look and is available in four colors: Red, Black, White, and Metallic.

One of the top features of the ASUS Z170C is its processor.  It has an Intel Quad Core processor giving you fast and reliable performance; it’s ideal for running multiple apps and for multi-tasking without losing speed.

Another top feature of the ASUS Z170C is its design, it’s really sleek and light-weight and easy to hold even in small hands like mine. Another top feature of the Z170C is its storage, so it comes built with 16G so which is pretty standard for a tablet of this size but what it does have is a micro SD card slot so this means that you can upgrade the storage up to 128G with an SD card.

This then means this is also easy to transfer files from your device to other devices when offline.  The ASUS Z170C is perfect for commuters or people on the go because of its sleek and lightweight design; it’s the perfect travel companion.

It’s built with Android operating system therefore, it’s compatible with other Android devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. But what really makes this tablet perfect for all is its price. It’s affordable, under a hundred pounds.


No Olympics For Me

So it looks like I won’t end up going to the Olympics this year, or likely traveling abroad at all during when the Olympics are going on. Turns out that we couldn’t guarantee a stable enough working environment outside of where we are now, so we’ll likely just be hanging back and timeshifting. Which is okay with me; I think China time falls closer to my normal sleep patterns than does Pacific time.

Jason suggested we pitch a tent in the middle of the bullpen (our 6 person super cubicle – better than a normal cubicle because it has 6 engineers, whose power compounds exponentially rather than linearly) and just sleep there when everyone else is working. I think it’s a great idea. We could build a little fire and make s’mores after a long hard night of ensuring the quality of the Olympics branch of the Internet’s number one sports destination by volume and quality. Seriously, though, I think working during the Olympics is going to be a lot of fun. It’s already been the biggest and most complex project I’ve worked on during the history of my employment, but when we pull it off it’s going to be very cool. Stay tuned at

Only 67 days left

A Punny Conversation with Grant

Grant and I’s conversation in response to a article about the constable:

dan83 (12:19:40 AM): i can just see the constable like
dan83 (12:19:41 AM): hmm
dan83 (12:19:54 AM): i don’t usually see feet on the beach
nertzy (12:19:57 AM): the evidence has put their foot in the door
dan83 (12:19:59 AM): clearly, something is afoot
nertzy (12:20:06 AM): i wonder if the taxpayers will have to foot the bill
nertzy (12:20:27 AM): clearly the shoe is on the wrong foot
nertzy (12:20:38 AM): but if the shoe fits…
nertzy (12:20:56 AM): at least it won’t cost an arm and a leg
dan83 (12:20:57 AM): we found them four feet from the water
nertzy (12:21:14 AM): sounds like quite a feat
dan83 (12:21:36 AM): i’m surprised they haven’t featured this on the national news yet
nertzy (12:21:54 AM): they will have to toe the line in this investigation
dan83 (12:22:14 AM): it’s obvious that whoever did this has no soul
nertzy (12:22:26 AM): i sure hope they nail them
dan83 (12:22:53 AM): yeah, too many of these feet and they might start to clog the plumbing
nertzy (12:23:26 AM): this sure is a corny story
nertzy (12:23:46 AM): i bet the guy got totally socked out
nertzy (12:24:24 AM): he was probably all tied up
nertzy (12:25:14 AM): that was laced with too much wit, I agree
nertzy (12:25:31 AM): i’m quite the sneaker for sure
dan83 (12:26:09 AM): that might be a bit of a stretch. i wonder if somebody is stocking the water with feet to throw off constable obvious?
nertzy (12:26:32 AM): i wonder if this foot’s owner got booted from a boat
nertzy (12:27:08 AM): i hope they canvass the beach well
dan83 (12:27:08 AM): i can’t imagine he didn’t, but we shouldn’t try to shoehorn him into any unlikely scenarios
nertzy (12:27:48 AM): the whole story sounds a bit slipper-y to me
dan83 (12:29:25 AM): it is a bit bizarre…it sounds like it might have been cobbled together from a series of unrelated stories
nertzy (12:29:44 AM): well, i’d like to think the converse, actually
nertzy (12:30:27 AM): well, we’re lucky the foot did not get caught in The Pump ™
dan83 (12:31:31 AM): i wonder if the foot was from someone who was mauled by a Puma?


Gladiators: The dumbest show in television today

As I glue myself to my TV each week in anticipation of my national broadcast debut as “Audience Member 327” on American Gladiators, I’ve come to the realization that American Gladiators is possibly the dumbest show on television today.

Today’s episode was tied into the new Hulk movie coming out this weekend, which means they gave out those puffy hulk fists to people in the audience. Additionally, they had several of the gladiators use them as their blocking apparatuses in Gauntlet, and Titan was painted green and used Hulk-like grunting as a form of communication on Joust. Now, it’s not like I treat American Gladiators as some kind of sacrosanct icon of American culture, but still, the egregious Hulk promotion was a little too much to handle.

I’ve also realized that despite all of the events and rigmarole they have the contestants go through before reaching the eliminator, any head start gained through points is typically eliminated by the time the contestants reach the cargo net, which is about 30 seconds into a 2 1/2 minute race. What’s worse is that the Eliminator culminates in an obstacle known as the Travelator. The Travelator comprises what is essentially an inclined moving walkway with a rope hanging down from the top, the idea being to walk up the incline using the rope to offset the fact that the walkway is moving against you.

The problem is that by the time they reach the Travelator, the contestants are so exhausted that they almost unfailingly end up slipping back down on the first try and stop to catch their breath at the bottom. This gives the other contestant ample time to catch up to that point, which means that every episode of AG boils down to who is able to climb up a moving ramp more quickly. That’s it. They might as well forget having gladiators at all because they sure don’t affect the outcome at all.

And lastly, because this is a primetime TV show, the contestants always end up being chosen for the drama they end up creating. First, there was the guy with no leg versus the normal guy. Then, there was the deaf guy versus the family man (granted, the deaf guy was far and away the best contestant on the show so far, so my hat is off to him). Then they had seasoned veteran cop versus his mentee, young naive cop, where of course the veteran cop pulled off the upset. And this week, it was the former cheerleader versus the former football player in what was clearly hammed up to be some kind of nerd versus jock battle. And naturally, the former cheerleader won. As usual, it came down to the Travelator.

I guess it’s all in the name of good tv, where good means appealing to the largest demographic, but whatever happened to the pureness of competition?

According to the end of episode promo though, next week is the week with the twins on it, which was one of the episodes partially recorded while I was in the audience. Make sure to tune in next week to get a glimpse of Hollywood’s next big thing. You’ll never see better fake cheering in your life.