I created this website first as a Yahoo! Hack Day project. It has since then evolved into a blog spanning many topics.

This project was done as part of Yahoo’s Hack Day 2006 in order to demonstrate a possible way to take advantage of the Yahoo! Mail API.

The concept is that by using images loosely correlated to mail subject lines, people will be able to visually associate thoughts with emails instead of having to read and parse the full subject line. For example, if you get a welcome email from Yahoo!, you would see next to it an image that somebody on Flickr had tagged with “Welcome.” In the demo, this particular image is of a “Beware of dog” welcome mat, which provides an amusing juxtaposition to the Yahoo! welcome email, thus making it easy to remember that the next time you see a beware of dog mat when you’re browsing your email, you’re looking at Yahoo’s welcome email. It’s also terribly addicting just to see what kind of wacky images get linked to all of your e-mails.

As soon as the mail API is released, you can check out the project here on this website.