A Punny Conversation with Grant

Grant and I’s conversation in response to a article about the constable:

dan83 (12:19:40 AM): i can just see the constable like
dan83 (12:19:41 AM): hmm
dan83 (12:19:54 AM): i don’t usually see feet on the beach
nertzy (12:19:57 AM): the evidence has put their foot in the door
dan83 (12:19:59 AM): clearly, something is afoot
nertzy (12:20:06 AM): i wonder if the taxpayers will have to foot the bill
nertzy (12:20:27 AM): clearly the shoe is on the wrong foot
nertzy (12:20:38 AM): but if the shoe fits…
nertzy (12:20:56 AM): at least it won’t cost an arm and a leg
dan83 (12:20:57 AM): we found them four feet from the water
nertzy (12:21:14 AM): sounds like quite a feat
dan83 (12:21:36 AM): i’m surprised they haven’t featured this on the national news yet
nertzy (12:21:54 AM): they will have to toe the line in this investigation
dan83 (12:22:14 AM): it’s obvious that whoever did this has no soul
nertzy (12:22:26 AM): i sure hope they nail them
dan83 (12:22:53 AM): yeah, too many of these feet and they might start to clog the plumbing
nertzy (12:23:26 AM): this sure is a corny story
nertzy (12:23:46 AM): i bet the guy got totally socked out
nertzy (12:24:24 AM): he was probably all tied up
nertzy (12:25:14 AM): that was laced with too much wit, I agree
nertzy (12:25:31 AM): i’m quite the sneaker for sure
dan83 (12:26:09 AM): that might be a bit of a stretch. i wonder if somebody is stocking the water with feet to throw off constable obvious?
nertzy (12:26:32 AM): i wonder if this foot’s owner got booted from a boat
nertzy (12:27:08 AM): i hope they canvass the beach well
dan83 (12:27:08 AM): i can’t imagine he didn’t, but we shouldn’t try to shoehorn him into any unlikely scenarios
nertzy (12:27:48 AM): the whole story sounds a bit slipper-y to me
dan83 (12:29:25 AM): it is a bit bizarre…it sounds like it might have been cobbled together from a series of unrelated stories
nertzy (12:29:44 AM): well, i’d like to think the converse, actually
nertzy (12:30:27 AM): well, we’re lucky the foot did not get caught in The Pump ™
dan83 (12:31:31 AM): i wonder if the foot was from someone who was mauled by a Puma?