No Olympics For Me

So it looks like I won’t end up going to the Olympics this year, or likely traveling abroad at all during when the Olympics are going on. Turns out that we couldn’t guarantee a stable enough working environment outside of where we are now, so we’ll likely just be hanging back and timeshifting. Which is okay with me; I think China time falls closer to my normal sleep patterns than does Pacific time.

Jason suggested we pitch a tent in the middle of the bullpen (our 6 person super cubicle – better than a normal cubicle because it has 6 engineers, whose power compounds exponentially rather than linearly) and just sleep there when everyone else is working. I think it’s a great idea. We could build a little fire and make s’mores after a long hard night of ensuring the quality of the Olympics branch of the Internet’s number one sports destination by volume and quality. Seriously, though, I think working during the Olympics is going to be a lot of fun. It’s already been the biggest and most complex project I’ve worked on during the history of my employment, but when we pull it off it’s going to be very cool. Stay tuned at

Only 67 days left